Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weavers Extraordinare

Weavers are extraordinary people--talented, creative, sharing and giving with their knowledge. But, you can say that about all fiber people! The monthly meeting of this weaver group was filled with energy from various ventures on the loom. Show and tell included Rosemary with her yardage--8H Rosepath.

Some closeup views of the different designs you can achieve from Rosepath threading.
This carrot pattern is featured on the cover of the guild recipe book.
Flowers by the yard.From this yardage she fashions these lovely little sachets filled with wonderful smelling herbs
Sachets with twisted cord. Rosemary makes sure the back is just as attractive as the front.
These are big sellers at the annual guild show and sale. She also showed this fabulous scarf
that had a nice handle. Adding lace in different areas gives the scarf added luxury.

Now, isn't this creature whimsical? A creation from the hands of Antije, who is one of our felters. This hanging was created for her husband from their visit to Hawaii.
He is happy with his surf board on the black sands of Hawaii.
Who could follow Rosemary and Antije after their showing of these wonderful creations? Connie said she would show what she brought to share. From her bag, she pulled out ten yards of woven fabric from the livestock show.
During the three weeks of livestock show, the guild has volunteers who will demonstrate weaving. The loom is threaded with ten yards (this time purple warp) and the threading is Monk's Belt.
Each day a guild volunteer weaver would set their hands to weaving on the loom.
Although, the treadling for Monk's Belt was posted, each weaver could do their 'own' thing with the shuttle. And this yardage bears forth the talent that was used to finish off the ten yards. At the next guild meeting, members will be asked to take some of the yardage and create a fashionable item that can be sold at the sale.
Connie continued to show her pieces woven by her hands--wonderful linen towels And silk shawl that she had dyed.

Kate was the last to present and she pulled out her 'leftover yarns' rug in boundweave.
The other side of the rug.
What an inspiration all these gals are! You leave the meeting with a renewed spirit and encouragement to weave, weave, weave!

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