Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mystery Rediscovered

Early this year there was a mystery that was solved before worked--yes, the mystery that should have been worked along with the group was solved way before these hands begun to do a cast on. Sharon Dreifuss of She-Knits fame writes excellent instructions. Although, each section can be verbose you will know how to knit the pattern as you read along. She even posts videos on You tube with step by step directions. This mystery shawl pattern was intriguing once you got past the beginning steps.
Blocking on the carpet after finished mystery.
Center section of the lace shawl. Lots of yarn overs and beads add to the delicate look.
We are now working along with each step the next mystery lace shawl pattern and it is not solved--yet!
The fiber is luscious mohair from Brooks Farms
Of course, there are disadvantages to working a mystery--was the right fiber or beads used? She walks us through all those thoughts, but then there is the ONE who wants to do it HER way with stash fiber and beads! Oh, well, it will be lovely anyway. And there is always the chance, remote at that, the pattern will be worked again in different fiber and beads.

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