Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Surprises!

We were pleasantly surprised at our expatchers quilters gathering this week! When we arrived we found that our friend Lucy from CA (one of our group from the project in Venezuela) was in town to visit her granddaughter. And a stop to see us was on the agenda! Lucy was working on
her applique project from her CA applique group. She was trying different methods to applique.
Floss applique--doing the handwork with floss, which gives an outline effect to the piece.
This is her original design work and she added flowers and leaves where she thought the arrangement would work the best.
With this method she was using freezer paper as template.
Here she was using Broderie Perse to add another layer to the overall design.
She's rethinking this little hummingbird.
Some areas she used reverse applique, especially for these leaves. Look at her stem work--such tiny detail--cut on the bias, folded in half, stitched and pressed--great look!
Lucy had brought along two quilt tops for long arm quilting by master quilter Judy. This project was all paper pieced. Just lovely work!
Lucy said the larger blocks were much easier to work up but the little star blocks were more difficult since they were less than 3".
Here is detail on another block that is in her Snowmen quilt. This was a fun quilt to do, Lucy said.
Lots of machine satin stitching outlined each area of interest. What a fun quilt! She was also leaving this one for Judy's talented hands to quilt. We were happy to see Lucy and all her handiwork!

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