Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fiber Friend Day

Tuesday--ah, a day to relish; a day that is spent with fiber friends. This fourth Tuesday of the month was spent with expatcher quilt group. And once again, they do not disappoint. They bring their laughter, joy, sadness, concerns, stories along with their physical nourishment and WIP (works in progress) as well as completed projects. Judy M had several Binky Patrol quilts that she had completed with lively stitches. All had binding stitched on and just needed some loving hands to finish the handwork. Snowflake design work. There are three of the winter bear quilts in various sizes.
"Lovely" quilting pattern on the kitty/puppy top and circles on the bright orange top. Judy practices her long arm quilting skills with the Binky tops.

Linda brought her finished wall hanging. We had seen this WIP one visit to her house. Strips'N Curves using Bali Pops package.
Closeup view of one section.
We couldn't decide if we like the hanging this way
or lengthwise. Either way, it will be a wonderful addition to her decorating scheme.
Annette, our hostess, was working on her small log cabin blocks by hand.
One of her first quilting projects was this cozy nine patch quilt that graced the back of her sofa. And last but not least Sandy, who was toiling away on her place mat--if you can believe she'll let anyone drop food on this labor of love! And now for some tips of the trade from our clever Sandy--first, a scissor saver (we have to come up with a catchy name for this gadget) This is also a good advertisement for deluxe hotels! Now, you know those pesky drop out return postcards that keep falling out of magazines. Well, here is how Sandy solved that problem. This publication also had a CD with patterns. So, take one of those post card thingies and tape it to the inside of the cover.
There is a pocket for the CD and you have conquered one less annoying fall out problem! Very useful, Sandy--thanks for sharing!!


  1. I love the baby quilts, thanks for inspiration.

  2. Thanks for posting the great photos of our really fun day together. I shall laugh everytime I look at those photos.