Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Color in Motion

Today was day for the spinners and spinning wheels. One of our group loves to not only spin, but she loves to felt. She is preparing her entry for We Felt United , second annual international day of felt happening in October, 2010.
She is working her magic in the required colors of the event--yellow, blue, green. Her studio is alive with wool fibers; some laid out in neat fluffy rows while others are being intertwined to meet the criteria of the exhibit. We are only seeing the beginnings and already the piece looks exciting and interesting!
We also had a discussion about a new book on the market about "carefree" dyeing-- Spring issue of 'Spin-off' magazine has a review of this book. There was lots of spindle talk; which one is best for what fiber? Short shaft or long shafts, large whorls, light weight, support, drop (top of bottom whorl). It all boils down to personal preference--what fiber you are spinning and what you enjoy spinning. Guess that's why most spindle spinners will have a variety of spindles. Or maybe, they have a variety of spindles, just because.................

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