Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My Colorado knitting friend, Judy, doesn't know what a hat knitting monster she has created! This past summer she told me about a hat using odd bits of left over sock yarn. That note rested in my brain for several months before finally getting a recipe from her and taking those little bits of sock yarns and knitting hats! It has been so much fun to see the results of combining two different sock yarns to knit these basic hats! My hands will not stop until the pile is depleted. A look at four of the hats that were knitted within the past few weeks. The pattern is so easy and quick that a hat could be turned out within a matter of hours--good TV watching. The pattern recipe is simple--cast on 80, 88 or 96 stitches and knit using two sock yarns. That's all there is to it! When you think it's depth has been reached, decrease with knit row between decreases. K6, K2tog one row, K5, K2tog and so on until you have reached the end of stitches, which will be pulled together at the top.
This one is smaller version, using basic blues.
This was the first hat to be knitted where different colored yarns were combined. This hat is called "Starburst Hat" by Elizabeth A Cote and you can find the free pattern on Ravelry. This child's hat used some handspun wool.
Using some leftover yarn from a beret made for granddaughter, this child's hat is from a free pattern called 'Mr. Tom's Beanie, which can be found on Woolly Wormhead site. The pattern features several different sizes and there are several different versions. The latest hat just off the needles is being modeled by green head.
All these hats will be donated to Knits for Needs . And the hands continue to knit to deplete the pile of leftover sock yarns! Thanks Judy this is a great journey!

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  1. Very cool hats! And FINALLY you're getting rid of some old piled up stuff instead of adding more piled up stuff. :-)