Friday, December 11, 2009

Rounding out Hat Knitting 2009

The latest to the collection of hats is finished, packed in a box and heading on its merry way. Dare, we mention that this is the latest in the hat saga, not the last! There will be a hiatus of hat knitting until the holidays pass and all family members have departed to their homeland. And who's to say that the hat excitement will continue into 2010. Only time will tell--although there have been some wonderful hat patterns spied in the knitting magazines and ezines.
Green head was unavailable to model so a glass hurricane container was pressed into service. It doesn't complain either. But, it doesn't have a round 'head'. Isn't this the most wonderful hat? Lots of leftover sock yarns were used for this basic hat pattern. A baker dozen hats were loaded into USPS priority mail box, postage was paid online (just love that option!) and the box was dropped at the local contract station. Our wonderful mail carrier would have been happy to pick up at the door but we were already out and about so it was easy to avoid the lines and drop in the mail box.
Okay, we are not actually devoid of the next project on the needles is a good use for this handspun, which was plied with a silk thread. For three of the skeins, beads were added on the plying yarn. Now, plying with beads gives an added problem; not only, are you trying to control the plying yarn but you are also pushing up a bead.When plying, there is a rhythm to treadling and pushing up the bead. And it's necessary to place the bead at different intervals or else the beads will all line up when you are knitting. This is a challenge that has not been overcome. Here is the pattern from the Ravelry group Basket Whip Cowl KAL. This is a free pattern by Laura Patterson and can be found at Classic Elite Yarns An easy pattern to knit.

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  1. Just love the latest hat. The cowl is very ambitious and your handspun is gorgeous.