Friday, December 4, 2009

The LACE Has It!

It's been a year of study for one weavers small group. A year to learn about the structure; a year to see how different yarns and colors interact and then there are the meetings when members show off their weaving talents. It's a time when critiques are given and the learning continues. Discussion centered on whether lace shows better with solid colors in warp and weft or whether a weft color change would hinder the lace design.
This weaver took the project study further by weaving matching napkins for the tablemats.
So many different weave structures can be lace.
And colors can add to the textural technique of this varied weave.
Needless to say my hands didn't touch the loom with this study--what's the old saying? "Been there, done that"! And there sits the sample book to prove it! Yes, Lace does have it for being an interesting weave study.


  1. So what makes lace lace? I thought it was that space was left in the weft, but some of the pictures don't seem to have any space.

  2. According to Wikipedia: A true lace is created when a thread is looped, twisted or braided to other threads independently from a backing fabric

    A couple of the photos show the back of the woven lace and there aren't any 'holes' created