Sunday, June 2, 2024

Ahh Summer!

Yes!  It is definitely June and officially Summer!  The calendar marks first day of summer as June 20–alas, summer is here now because it is HOT!!  

Spinning away!  In the cool!  Sometimes we take AC for granted —then we hit a hiccup— AC goes on the fritz, storm knocks out power, etc.  recently, our granddaughter’s area was hit by powerful winds, which took down many power lines.  When that happens you learn ways to keep your cool.  
For some of us remember the days of NO AC!  We didn’t know anything different—we used fans to bring in a breeze.  Life has changed and so have we. 
Ready to knit?  This pattern is 50% off—join in on this mystery. Christmas in July knitting!

Didn’t think I would jump on that band wagon—short socks!  Why knit short socks?  I haven’t the faintest idea.  I love knitting socks— regular length socks .  Then this trend of short socks kept popping up.  I'm thinking--

short socks wouldn't take so much time to complete 
Short socks wouldn't use as much yarn as regular pair 
So many cute patterns for these so called short socks
they could be worn with casual boots

But, wait a minute==I don't wear casual boots!  I like my sandals and you don't wear socks with sandals.  And we live in the South--I'd rather go barefoot than put on a sock in this hot weather!

I must investigate…..I even went as far as to purchase short circle needles!
I do love ChiaoGoo needles!! taking this needle out of packaging, I couldn't believe how small it was--will I be able to knit with this short needle to do short socks??  good question!
I continue on with investigation--I found two simple easy patterns for short socks 
One designed by Mara Catherine Bryner, Rose City Rollers
Cute, huh?
Another pattern designed by Larissa Gregorin, Short Heel Tab SockShort Heel Tab Sock
She even features some video tutorials to help with short rows
Short Sock pattern using German short row techique

I'll jump in on this and make at least ONE pair!  Just to satisfy my curiosity of short socks--stay tuned!
What else do I have to do this hot summer?


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