Friday, December 9, 2016

Third Times A Charm....

  As the baking has been put aside, I'm working on my advent scarves.

Yes, so the saying goes "Third Times a Charm!".
I'm hoping for a cure to this problem!  The Advent Calendar was available on November 27 
from Tricia Weatherston.  It is a Mosaic pattern--when was the last time I EVER did 
Mosaic ?  Or have I EVER knit Mosaic?  
Anyway, I'm trying my hand at this and you can see what I got right out of the gate!
 A Mess!
I cast on--did dark color first--well, that's not going to work if the chart uses
black and white squares to distinguish yarns as the first square is white--
I will be so confused.
Rip it out and begin again--thought I counted right!  How can someone not
count enough stitches--after all, it was only 47 stitches to begin with--
oh and the edge stitches--begin again.
And now, third time..............right number of stitches, light thread first and then
I'm humming along ---I think!
Each day there are a few rows to knit--it only takes me about 30 minutes--getting into the rhythm 
of knitting and being reverent as I prepare for the Christmas season.

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