Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Finished! That 2016 Year Lace Scarf

Whew!  Finished before 2016 ended--actually, I wanted to give this as a gift to blond headed daughter--after all I had only been knitting on it the whole of 2016.
Each month you had a different lace pattern to knit--to me, this is the
best way to accomplish a goal--even if it is a year long project.

I had this handspun merino/silk yarn--so glad I have handspun for this project.

I wasn't really sure I would like this yarn for the scarf, but it turned out okay! 
I love knitting LACE!  Never thought I would--when I took a workshop with THE 
Lace Knitting Gal from New Zealand--I was just dumb stuck while in the class!
Now, It finally clicked--don't laugh--that was 20 years ago!

I know!  it took me that long to get my brain to accept lace knitting!  But,
it's so worth it--

I'm preparing to knit in 2017 with Elizabeth Ravenwood in her 2017 Estonian Lace Knitting project.
You can find her and this project along with another year long learning adventure on Ravelry.

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