Sunday, May 29, 2016

Remembering My Daddy

Monday, May 30 is National Memorial Day.  A time to reflect on those who
served our country in the military.  My father served in WWII in the Army.
He never talked about his experiences or what war was like.  I wish he had.

Recently, as I was going through more of my mother's papers, I came upon
the map to my dad's grave in Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery.
He died June 24, 1974 and it was all such a blur.
I remember the burial site was near or under a tree
on a hill.  This map pinpoints it exactly--well, almost.

About five years back, we took a trip to the region and I wanted to
see if I could find dad's grave site--it took some investigative work
through U S Government records to find the site number and section.
We finally found the section and walked through the graves to
find the location--there it was....
on top of a hill, under a tree.  This map would have made it much easier.
As we roamed through those numerous graves, our hearts were filled
with thanksgiving for these who sacrificed for us to have

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