Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I stumbled upon this when searching the web for something completely different--but, that's what gets me into trouble!  I should stick to the game plan instead of detouring, but
I do learn something interesting things while roaming.
Point in case, is this interesting construction with great strandwork.
Hence, you have Swedish Dubbelmossa. Dubbel means double and mossa means cap so Dubbelmoss is a doubled-hat. It is worked from the provisional cast-on out on both ends in a tube. The lining end, the blue side in this case, is much shorter in length to accommodate for the turned up brim or cuff. The cuffed part of the hat is actually four layers so it is a very warm hat. 
Susan Anderson recommend the Dubbelmossa pattern. It is not difficult, very straightforward, really you are just reading simple charts. It is a great way to practice stranded colorwork.   
I know I won't be knitting this anytime soon--no way we can use this type of warmth in Humid TX--but, it was great lesson learned on another knitting technique.

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