Thursday, May 12, 2016

Let's Make A Woolly Bird!

Laura Wasilowski is beginning a tutorial on how to make your own woolly bird. Join her for the next few days to learn how to make this free-stitched bird on wool.
To get started you’ll need these items:
  • an 8″ square of boiled wool. Boiled wool has been felted. It is thicker than your standard wool and has more body. Have a wool coat in your closet? Go ahead, clip out a square of fabric for your bird.
  • Embroidery thread (Size 8 pearl cotton threads work best)
  • Size 3 or 4 embroidery needles for the thread
This is just a few days late, but well worth the journey to learn some of Laura's techniques.  I was fortunate enough to take workshop with Laura last summer--great fun!

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