Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 6--Tex-Mex Cooking

Speaking of Tex-Mex cooking, here is the one and only book I rely on!  My Granny gave me this book in early 1977.  My Granny didn't cook much for us kids as we didn't see her much growing up--but she was definitely what you would consider as a GRANNY!
I LOVE this book! and I think about my Granny every time I pull this recipe book out to make Guacamole--I know the recipe, but there is just something about my Granny and this recipe book!
And you can't serve Tex-Mex food without the Guacamole:  ripe avocadoes (not too soft, just firm enough to give a
little)--how many you say?  depends on how much you and your guests can eat!  chopped onions, garlic to taste, lime juice over the top of avocados, and now you mash!  You can leave chunky or make it smooth--what do you like?  how about some jalapenos chopped in as well?  dash of salt, pepper, olive oil and of course, several dashes of hot sauce.  I add chopped tomatoes too.
Bring on the tortilla chips--Yummy! 
Thanks Granny!

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