Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 18--A week Away From Christmas

One week away from Christmas Celebration!
This recipe brings you the Cheese Ball!
So delicious--best to keep under wraps for several days before spreading on bread or crackers.
The above recipe is easy to prepare and ages well in the refrigerator just in case company comes knocking!
Our all time favorite cheese ball is a cheese log--made with
Velveeta Cheese (can you believe how expensive this product has become?!!)  you can use half brick or the whole thing.
Several cloves of minced garlic--how much garlic do you like?
chopped pecans--how nutty do you want to be?
and thoroughly mix!!
Get in there with your hands--messy, but your hands are the best mixer.
Shape into logs--small logs, long logs, medium logs--your choice ( I know, so many decisions to make!)
now, take out that chili powder, sprinkle on plastic wrap and roll your log in the chili powder--cover that log good.  Wrap tightly, refrigerate and wait--at least five days.  The longer the flavors marry, the tastier it is.
ready to serve, unwrap, set out crackers and wait for the compliments!
Way beyond good! and the easiest you could make!!

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