Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 2--Delicious Fruit Cake!

 In 1977,  my favorite listening station was WWL out of New Orleans, Louisiana and the host of one program gave recipes and tips on cooking.
This was my absolutely favorite Fruit Cake Recipe of all times!!  And I love fruitcake--not many people do, but if you had tasted this fruitcake, you would have been a lover too!
As you can see this recipe is handwritten--not by me, but the radio personality who hosted the show.  If you wanted a copy, all you had to do--was write (YES, write as in a letter) and send a SASE (Self addressed stamped envelope) and he would send you a copy.
It became the tradition each fall, right before Thanksgiving, to gather all the ingredients and make this fruitcake--you see it had to "Age" for a good while.  Each day, I would pour a small amount of rum over the gauze covered fruitcake and then when I thought I couldn't take it anymore--maybe, a week before Christmas, I would cut into this fruity, nutty cake! 
I'm sure I ate more than the kids or husband!  I absolutely loved this cake!

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