Friday, January 3, 2014


Yes, Let's build that Snowman or Snowmen and Snow-women!!  What fun this pattern has been to comply--I'm sorry I didn't get around to working with it sooner.  I began this January, 2013 and it's about time it was finished for January, 2014.  After Christmas this is always a 'down' feeling--all the Christmas decorations are put away and the house looks so bare--that's where Snowmen and women come.............................why not decorate with them for most of January?!!  So the collection began

This is definitely an 'aged' pattern!  Out of the closet and onto the sewing table.......

Yes, we are building a snowman--without snow!
Every snowman begins as just a scrap of fabric

And here we go..................

 One strip at a time.................
come on guys!  We are assembling another snowman!

Oh what fun to see them gather on fabric

Blanket stitch puts the finishing touch
Yes, we built a snowman and some snow women too!  Off to the quilters and we are adding to our January collection!
Happy snowman gathering to you!


  1. These guys and gals are so cute. Picked up a snowman quilt at Laughing ladies today ( and a few others). New stuff 30% off! back room 40% off. I overdid it. Oh, well.

    1. you can never overdo a sale!! remember, fabric must age!