Thursday, January 16, 2014

Weavers' Delight--WOW!

Our WOW (Way Out West) Weavers meeting for January was a discussion on our year long project--Traditional Swedish Weaving.  Members brought books, photos, ideas to the meeting. What shall we weave--can it be non-traditional colors or should we stick to the traditional colors?  What about yarns?  What about..................  We SO do not want to be confined to one set of rules--these are non-traditional weavers!
Then our leader, Marian, pulls out her samples with linen

She has decided on the weave structure but now deciding on what weft to use


Then on this sample she had hemstitching to finish off

Karen brought her window pane Swedish lace

Gerry had other lace pieces to show

These pieces were woven for a previous state conference

An interesting traditional Swedish weaving with traditional colors

Then there is Monk Belts weave structure

This shows another technique to add interest to the woven cloth

How about Swedish rug weaving?

And then there was the opportunity to present other weaving that were not Swedish
Karen used beads in the weft

Here is M & O's weaving cloth
Then Boundweave on Rosepath threading

More samples of absolutely wonderful weaving!

Here is a composite of Karen's Boundweave along with some textiles she bought in Philippines

Another composite with colorful weaves on the bottom and Turkish rug at the top (a gift from Barbara's daughter's travel to Turkey)  So glad we have trained our kids right to look for interesting textiles on their worldly travels!!

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