Friday, January 10, 2014

Fishes, Owls, Dogs--OH MY!

It's that time again--first of month and what rolls around but Fat Cat Patterns. 
Our November fish is swimming onward and upward....
How about December fish? 
The January Fish looks really 'uppity'!

Three Little Owls sitting on the branch--Whooooo!

I'm really getting into these owls! 

Here is December Owl sitting pretty.................
This is the owl of the new year--Viola!  Welcome to the flock-do owls join flocks or are they loners??
FINALLY!!  I found the star fabric for the doggies!  Have you ever looked for something so many times and wonder what you could have done with it? And then you find it right under your nose??!!  There it was--right on the cutting table, in the upper corner, sitting under a box of pencils--honestly, how could I have missed it for so long?  oh, well, it's been found and the dogs can find a resting place instead of being in pieces...................

We will soon round out our dogs and finish up a quilt

I'm learning so many different ways to use I-phone photos--if you are taking a photo and want snow, just rub the photo button several times and you get snow!!  You've got to love technology! 
"Woof Woof!"  It has been fun creating all these doggies; just two more to go and I've run out of star fabric as background--I think there will be some young tike who will love cuddling up with this quilt!

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