Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Challenges--

Yes, there are some new challenges out there--well, new mysteries to solve too! So here we go!
If you are not a member of Ravelry --you should be!  Three million (3,000,000) members can't be wrong!  And it's all free!  This pattern is up for March KAL from designer Lisa Mutch and it's a free pattern to boot!  Lovely simple shawl, but elegant!

Not Free, but only $1--yes, only One buck!  This is a mystery KAL (knit along) from designer Rachel Henry.  I so enjoyed the first pattern she had as a mystery--'Crushed' and now, this one is Capriole.  Knits and yarn at the ready for this mystery to begin end of March.

Are you a fan of "Game of Thrones"?  Then you might enjoy this mystery KAL beginning late March.  I'm not much a fan of this show, but willing to take a look at the pattern with Jimmy Beans Wool CO

This mystery shawl has already begun, but it's never to late to sign on and begin.  So far, the knitting has been quite relaxing.  The designer is Cindy Garland--and the pattern was $3, but well worth the $$$.  It's a two color knit

This is an interesting knit , the goal is to produce a symmetrical triangle shawl, knitted using 2 to 4 colours (this seems to be the trend).  Alexandra Wiedmayer’s knitwear designs and this pattern is $5

This mystery sock knit is classified 'unusual construction' and boy, is it!  But, why not learn a new way to make a sock so I'm on board for this!  Designs from General Hogbuffer  Check it out--another free download on Ravelry

And oh, my!  when I signed up for this Westknits ebook in February, I thought we would get three or four patterns, but no, we got soooooooo many patterns--this will keep me knitting Stephen's patterns for a long time! 
Never a boring minute and never time to keep your hands idle! 
Happy stitching!!

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