Wednesday, March 13, 2013

From My View

Here we are again at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!  We are in our booth, which is located in the Reliant Center, Hall A.  The weavers and spinners have been volunteering for many moons now to educate the public about our craft.  During the week, hundreds of school children pass by our booth.  On weekends, we get families who are out to enjoy the aspects of this wonderful event.  These photos are taken from my view of the area.  Come look at what I see!
I've attended Cowboy Church upstairs and have made my way across to Hall A to come down the last escalator in the hall.  Our booth space is located right inside Hall A--go to the left and you'll see our little space, all roped off............. are we the captured or are we keeping out???
The loom is out and ready for the weaver.

Today Connie is the weaver
Another Sunday Gerry is the weaver on her small tapestry loom.  We can gather quite the crowd at times.  And it seems the bigger the crowd, more will stop to view.
 Alecia (coordinator for weekends) is the spinner on the left.

We have visitors from many countries and some visitors will hang around for several minutes to the background is the breed row barn, where you can view different animals

Off to the left is the petting zoo!  Today it smells quite--well, ripe!  The area is kept very clean but today is a rainy day and it seems to enhance the flavor of the elements.

The loom lacks a weaver right at this moment, but we are trying to keep it slow and easy--we want that 10 yard warp to last the whole three weeks
I've piled my fiber on the floor for all to see and hopefully, far enough back so little hands will not be tempted to grab and flee.  I have a prepared merino roving (blue) and rainbow dyed locks to spin
Ah, here are my feet in action--spinning, spinning--and talking!  We can do that, you know?

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