Monday, March 4, 2013

Hurrah! Meeting with Weavers/Spinners!

We are meeting with weavers/spinners FINALLY! We didn't have a meeting in January or early in February as regularly scheduled, so it was nice to have a call to a meeting, even if it is late in the month......................meeting with these gals is a good thing!
We look forward to sharing and showing, especially since we had seen each other since December.  This was Susan who was spinning this Icelandic wool.

She had chosen to knit her first accomplishment into this lovely shawl.

Penny presented her handspun  'bits and pieces' skeins, which she calls "artsy" yarns!  Lots of sparkle and glitz! 

Here is another one of Penny's skeins--super fun and funky!

Here is a knitted scarf that Penny produced with one of those fun skeins of handspun.

Why the camera doesn't like red?!!  anyway, cool shot up close.

Penny also had this lovely handwoven towel to present--it's cottonlin yarn set at 20 epi--just a nice soft feel. 

She also had this handwoven scarf--I especially liked the edge treatment.

Scharine had taken John Marshall workshop that was held in Houston recently and she brought her samples (we can't call them 'samples'!!)

Up close and personal

Another sample that Scharine produced--outstanding is all I can say!

Hemp fabric with indigo dye

This is Japanese bag pattern that Scharine uses to carry her 'goodies'!

Dottie, our hostess, showed off her 2012 Christmas cards--clever, clever!  Our WSW group had ikat study project through 2012 and Dottie was one of those who had finished her project.

Here is a photo of the yardage that Dottie used to make her ornaments for her cards--nice ikat patterning; just doesn't show up in the ornaments. 
I don't have a photo of Pat, but she presented her new Knee!  We are all thrilled that she is up and moving around so good only a month after surgery--way to go PAT!

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  1. It was so nice to see the WSW group again--good meeting with lots of inspiration and special people. Thank you for posting Cheryl!