Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's That Time Again--HLSR

Yes, it's time for Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!  For three weeks we will be donning our cowboy hats, slipping on our Levis and boots to skoot ourselves to the world's largest rodeo event.  During that period of three weeks, Contemporary Handweavers of Houston members will be on the grounds demonstrating.  My first stop of the day is Cowboy Church, held in Reliant Center, upstairs.  It's always an inspiring way to begin the day and week.  As I walk across the upstairs to hall A, which is seems miles away, you miss alot of the crowds on the lower level plus you see some of the 4H events taking place.  This Sunday it was Horticulture so I snapped a few photos of the table settings as the kids prepared to be judged. 

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