Monday, January 7, 2013

WOW! At It Again!

There goes 2012 and here comes 2013! And the WOW (Way Out West) Weavers have a jump start on the new year! This group never fails to encourage and insight us all to do better weaving!   There was business discussion and then "what to you have for show & tell?"
Linda pulled out this gorgeous tea towel made from 8/2 cotton, sett 20 epi 
She used the pattern from this leaflet from Interweave.  This leaflet is in digital format now, if you are interested and it isn't already in your library.

Marian had this draft to work up--as a challenge to her for presentation at the 2013 state conference. 

The back

The front--now, the real challenge--how to reduce this to 6"x6" for the challenge?

Marian is always pushing herself to the limits of weaving.  Here is M&O pattern from a workshop that she attended at Southwest School of Art in San Antonio.

She used variegated embroidery floss for the color contrast in the spacers as well as the weft
And practicing her skills at doubleweave pick up--these are her samples!  We say she is darn good but she wasn't pleased with this outcome.

With an interest in Crackle Weave, several of us are eyeing this new book

Fairly new weaver Lisa jumped at the chance to take a workshop with Jason Collingwood to learn rug techniques

This smallish rug (just perfect to place at your feet while sitting at the loom) was soft and dense.  Lisa used Jason's brand of rug yarn for her weft.

This colorful handspun wrap comes from the hands of our newest member, Kyla who is an art teacher.

Kyla likes to work with bright colors and by doing her own dyeing on her fibers she can achieve that effect

We like the orange!

She was knitting on this brilliant red handspun scarf.  Why is it the camera doesn't like red??
We have 2013 plans to assemble a raffle basket for Contemporary Handweavers of Texas.  We pack lots of goodies and handwovens in our basket, which makes it a hot item! 
Off to the loom..............................................................

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