Friday, January 11, 2013

Handspun, Handknit

A few things are off the needles--hurrah! Still working on a couple of other handspun knit items. One is a cowl for our annual January Spin-in later this month. Our theme is 'circles' and a cowl fits perfectly into that theme. Just begun Downtown Abbey (love that show!!) through Jimmy Beans WoolIt's a mystery knit along!  Great fun as we watch the show each week, we have a clue to knit.
So here is listing off the needles and ready to wear.  This small shawl (do they still call it a shawl when it fits around the neck or maybe, it's a scarf?)  Anyway, this was a piece knitted from very well aged wool.  Doesn't look like much just off the needles
I just amaze myself sometimes!  This yarn was spun from a multi-dyed skein of wool/silk blend (don't remember where I bought it--) I don't worry about stripping it, just go with the way it comes in the roving.  Then I ball the bobbin and when plying, just ply on itself--taking outside and inside yarn to ply.

It always comes out when knitting in stripes--go figure!  anyway, I really like the way it turned out.  I used the rug in my weaving room to pin it out for blocking.  Really must get some of those wires for blocking.

It's on the small size, just right for the bandana look.  The pattern came from Ravelry group and Designer is Rachel Henry and the pattern was Crushed.  She has some pretty nifty patterns on her website.

Another handspun shawl--now, this one was really a shawl but I quit before doing all the pattern.  This time to block I used my cutting board--pinned it and spritzed it with water and left to dry.

Lots of lace and beads added, but I ran out of yarn.  Once again, this was aged wool blend and it striped nicely for this pattern from designer Atalante, who likes Fairy Tales and her patterns are designed as such.

We haven't seen 'green head' for awhile--mainly because we haven't been knitting hats--got 'burned out on those addictive Gap Hats last year.

This is handspun wool, silk, mohair blend and the designer is one of my favorite, Woolly Wormhead.  This was her fall mystery pattern.  Darn if I didn't have trouble with this pattern.  In this yarn, the little cables don't show up much, but for some reason, I just couldn't get the pattern through my head!  I must have frogged (ripped, ripped) the thing out 10 times.  But, I wasn't going to let it defeat me--no, trudged on and finished.
What's on or off your needles? 

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