Thursday, January 3, 2013


A New Year, a New Beginning and time to take down all those festive Christmas decorations to be stored away for another year. And now the house looks and feels so bare. All the color is gone and everything just looks dull and we don't need that during these winter months! How to decorate in January while we wait for February and hearts galore? Ah, YES! Snowmen--not so colorful as holiday decorations of red and green but we can spice them up a bit, so here we go..................gather all the snowmen (and women) patterns up we can find and begin to create.........
This was a very looooooooong hanging!  14"x54"
The Quilt Patch was the source of this pattern.  We bought it at Quilt Festival in the fall.  There were other seasonal ones

This was a wool kit
Look!  All finished and framed!  Love these gals' work!Primitive Gatherings has become my new BFF
And yes, they have a subscription to their magazine where I found this snowman pattern.
I'm using some 'stash' fabric.  This wool piece was naturally dyed at a workshop about five years ago during Taos Wool Market.  We used stamps with natural dye extracts   so, why not put it to good use?
Here is another stash find!  Years ago, I took rug hooking workshop and began this tree (along with other unfinished projects).  It was time this little tree came out of hiding and put to good use on this pillow.
Another natural dyed wool piece--what a sense of accomplishment to finally use these hidden and well aged fabrics!
Nothing like working up Indygo Junction Inc designed by Pat Sloan.  "Seymour"  was worked up a little different by friend Judy M

Yes, another one of my favorite pattern people, Bird Brain Designs!  Lots of good stitchery patterns.  Now, this pattern has been sitting around for a few years......................
Judy added some interesting touches to Seymour--gave him a larger hat, bowtie and a friendly redbird as his companion.


Yes, we are building a snowman--without snow!

This is another 'aged' pattern!  Out of the closet and onto the sewing table.......

We even found a snowman mat for the kitchen.  The house is revolving around snowmen!

Okay, he's not a snowman, but why not let this cold weather penquin be part of the fun?  Justquiltin' blog was the source of this pattern--another aged pattern from 2011.  Nothing like finishing up some 'aged' pieces! 

Do you have a favorite snowman pattern?  Let me know--we can always add to our collection.

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