Tuesday, January 15, 2013

UFOs Finished!

UFO (unfinished objects) or in this case--unfinished projects. It always feels great when you can finish up a project that has been sitting around for awhile. A goal for the New Year is to finish up two UFOs before beginning a new project.
This the project for January from Patchabilities that I receive each month from Cedar Chest Quilt Shop.  I make two of these each month--one goes to brown headed kid in Colorado and the other goes to my mother, who at 92 is hard to buy for.
This is the small hanging for February.  My mother says she looks forward to seeing what each month's pattern will look like.  I'm relieved that she likes this gift!

These jockeys and shirts were a swap with other members from Scratching Post on Fatcat Patterns website.  It's free to join the group.  This long line of clothing will hang in brown headed kid's laundry room.

Finally, almost finally anyway, caught up with mystery blocks from Carol Doak yahoo group.  All are paper pieced--this one seemed to take the longest to work up.  So many pieces but it's looking good.

Another UFO finished--this one went quickly. 

This laundry hanging will go in my laundry room where I just have a small space--but what fun it will be to see these hanging on the line!

This was a swap from Denise Russart's site.  Only problem--I didn't make it in time to make the swap, but figured out a similar pattern to use.  Looks like this will be a Binky Patrol quilt. 

These were good stash busters too and easy to assemble.

FINISHED! after a year long project--the chicks are ready for the quilting needle.  Really enjoyed making these wonderful whimsical chicks from designer Sindy .  although the patterns are no longer available you can order from her site.  Now up for the next few months are colorful fish--fun and another stash buster. 

  So glad to have some UFO projects finished and ready to be quilted.  And if you think my goal of finishing two UFOs before beginning another is right on target--you are so wrong!  It ain't workin' for me--too many other things to create in order to have more UFOs!

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