Saturday, November 3, 2012

YEAH! It's Quilting Day!

YES! It's Tuesday and time to meet up with expatchers for quilting, gab, and fellowship. Okay, there were only four of us there, but it doesn't make any difference--we were still together! Sure we missed the missing expatchers but it was time to catch up on everyones adventures since my last attention in May!
Judy's studio is speaking "FALL"!  She has decorated for the season.....pumpkin quilt

up close look at Judy's nice quilting

There are pumpkin banners around the room

No way Judy is 'the' witch! 

Even the table top shows off the fall season with this colorful runner!

Debby W arrived with her finished quilt top--'cancer panel' made into quilt for her hubby who faced a serious bout with cancer recently--doing well now.

We all should remember this "cancer cannot invade the soul"--we will not let it invade our spirit either!

Debby had this finished throw ready for the quilting machine.  From across the room, I thought it looked like fruit and vegetables, but it's not--it's wonderful artistic designs in blooming colors.

Here is the back. 

Debby used this product to create her interesting quilt throw.

Crooked Nickel Designs presents "fast, simple, and perfect" way to create grid work.  Check it out!  place, press, sew and you're finished!

Debby also had her top from Long Beach Quilt workshop she took this summer.

Simply smashing!  Charlotte Angotti is the genius behind this pattern.

Debby had to add borders, so lighter batik for the inner border and darker fabric for the outer.  The light tan lying under the quilt top at the top right of the photo is the backing.--well done, Debby!

And at the machine is Camilla--working on her batik strips for a split rail fence block.

Judy M is displaying the t-shirt quilt that she has designed for one of her daughters.  Clever and unconventional layout for this quilt.  Judy is studying the quilt for awhile to decide on the quilt design she'll lay on the top.

so, this is what you can do with all those t-shirts just lying around the house with no place to go except into an useful quilt.

And Judy is making progress on her Grandmother's flower garden top--all this is handwork with English paper piecing.  Judy declares it will take her years to finish but it's good handwork for those TV watching days. 

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