Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spinners Gathering

Talk about fibers, spinning techniques and throw in talk about weaving and you have a fine day, especially if you are a fiberists!
We are meeting at Rosemary's (she has recently returned from summer in Michigan and also recovered from a broken leg)  Rosemary showed this lovely alpaca/silk blend roving.  Rosemary, Pat and Connie had bought some fiber for a challenge project and there is still ongoing discussion about which fiber they bought and what they should make for each other.  Is this the challenge fiber?  Time will only tell!
Rosemary was winding off this singles yarn--maybe, this is the challenge fiber?

Rosemary showed off her prize winning skein from Contemporary Handweavers of Texas Conference.  Is this the challenge fiber?

Connie had spent the previous weekend demonstrating at Liendo Plantation during a Civil War Re-enactment.  She had her loom set for orange peel overshot from Margaret Salisbury Shepherd's Miniature pattern book. 

The warp was navy blue and Connie used various colored wefts to cross for the pattern.

She was weaving on student day so she let the students choose the color she wove.  This one was picked by the girls.

Knowing the pattern well, she was able to treadle for different patterns

Here she wove just the cross.

Penny from Skyloom Weavers was spinning this funky yarn from silk waste.

Here she has the plying thread at the ready.

Talk about bright and brillant==here we have Butterfly Girl colorful batts.  This will make some very wonderful 'art' yarn

The plying thread will add depth to this fun yarn.

Okay, we also talked a little about knitting too.  Susan was 'tying' up loose ends on this wool/silk shawl that she knitted for her friend.  The yarn came from Discontinued Brand Name Yarn.  Her friend is definitely going to receive a wonderful gift from this talented lady's hands.

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