Monday, November 12, 2012

Let's Hear It For The Gals!

Tuesday is always a special day! Either we are visiting with weavers, spinners or quilters. This Tuesday it was expatchers quilting day!
We usually meet at Judy M's studio--perfect place to sit, sew and visit.  Judy was showing off her antique quilts that her 103 old yr. aunt made.  Her aunt recently passed away and Judy was honored to receive these two quilts from her aunt's estate. 

This quilt is an interesting flowerpot design.  You can tell the quilt was loved by the amount of wear.

Yeah!  I got to see Karen!  She was working on a baby quilt for her daughter's friend.

She has been very careful with her selection of fabrics for this special quilt.

Karen was using a combination of these two patterns--these came with templates, making the cutting easy peasy!

Remember this sewing string from Camilla in one of our earliest post?

Camilla is now putting the lengths together to make her split rail fence quilt.

Judy M has this pattern in the planning stages.

Her fabrics are all carefully laid out and ready for cutting

And Annette was there too!  Was good to see her smiling face and see what she was working on.

Her fabric selections are 'stash' orginated, but will look smashing in the final project.

Linda was back from her journey and visit with son/family in South Africa.  She was stitching the binding on this colorful Binky quilt.

Judy has done a masterful job on the quilting.

Granddaughter requested another hat from Nana Judy, so she picked this pattern and pink yarn for the creation. 

For my bring along project, I brought this finished quilt to stitch down the binding--not much done though!  lots of gabbing, laughing during the time.  We were all thrilled to see Judy C!  But, we had some sad news from Brenda, who just returned home from hospital stay--she is in our thoughts and prayers lately.

Here is one of the blocks from the above quilt.  This was a year old stitching project--from Little Bird Stitches--lots of fun to stitch!  Have no idea where it will go.

Judy did lots of feathers for quilting!  Perfect for the birds!!!

And another stitching project that took some time--"over the river and through the woods".  Finished just in time to hang for Thanksgiving!

Snowflakes!  Yes, it was another great Tuesday!

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