Thursday, November 8, 2012

OH! NO! More Mysteries to Solve!

Here they come--more mysteries to solve! As I'm a sucker for mysteries, but why do they come in November, the busy time of the year? Oh, well, doesn't really matter. We are gearing up with our mystery solving equipment and putting on our detective hat...........
As you can see by the side notes, one of the mysteries involves lace knitting shawl........Remily Knits.  She is offering the first one of her series free of charge, so any good detective jumps onto the case right away, even though the clues don't appear yet.

The next mystery involves more lace knitting with beads!  Okay, get out the stash and all those pretty beads, ready the needles and look for the first clue here..........designs-by-atalante on Ravelry page.  This one costs now as we missed the free period--darn it!  But, it looks like it will be a fun adventure with the first clue up now.  This mystery is based on Grimm fairy tale Frau Holle. 

Onto the next exciting mystery in the knitting category and comes from one of my favorite hat designers--Woolly Wormhead.  Yes, this one costs some too, but her designs are always interesting and unique.  Here is the first mystery clue solved.
This is handspun-two ply wool, silk, mohair blend.  This is the headband or brim section of the pattern.

Why is it I can never remember how to do the Kitchner Stitch?  Either I have to reply on the printed word or this excellent Utube video.  And please, no distractions while in the process of doing this stitch!  Lose concentration and boy, what a mess!

All finished!  Clue solved and ready for clue #2--bring it on! 

Now, on the quilt scene--two mysteries in the wings.  One from Quiltville, Bonnie Hunter.  It begins at the end of November; here on this post, you can see her fabric selection--she calls this mystery "Easy Street"!
From From QTMysteryQuilts at yahoo groups comes mystery #7. If you are not a member of this yahoo group, join and begin the mystery adventure there.  Free to join!
And if none of those mysteries tickle your fancy, then how about this one? Quilters Club of America is hosting their 7th mystery also--Nana's Surprise! The first clue is posted and I'm ready to do some serious investigative work! Free!

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