Sunday, June 24, 2012


Nothing like working on a 'cool' subject during hot summer days.  We came across these stitchery patterns.  This snowman buddy comes from The Little Wool Shoppe blog.  Each month they will be a different snowman buddy for you to download and stitch.  The best way to transfer the pattern is with the use of a light box.

A pigma red pen is my choice.  Of course, the plan is to use red perle cotton for the thread.  But, you could use any color you wish.

The pattern has been transferred to white fabric and is ready to stitch. 

When visiting with the gals at the Wool Shoppe, we had a discussion about the best way to fasten the fabric for actual stitching.  It was recommend to use a batting for backing.  They used a pellon that had the fusible web included, but since there was none of that in our stash, we decided to try this quilt basting spray.  And it worked well. 

No hoop is required using the spray onto the cotton batting. Easy to hold as you stitch.  Now, we are ready to stitch.  Here is June pattern.

This is July pattern all finished.  A little wrinkled due to traveling, but this will press out fine.

Another 'cool' summer project comes from  Bejeweled Quilts and is called 'Reindeer Games'.  Soon we will have all of Santa's reindeer in red work.  Notice the little smudge near the nose--that's what you get when you try to drink coffee and stitch on a plane!  oh, well, it will either wash out or we'll just paint in some more color.

Here is another one of the reindeers that is playing in our games--the neat thing about these guys--you can either do them in stitchery or applique work.

Such a 'cool' smile on this fella!  The plan is to incorporate the snowbuddies with the reindeer into a December wall hanging--we'll see how that works at a later date.  So, if you are looking for something to keep your 'cool', give these patterns a stitch.........................

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