Friday, June 8, 2012

Loopy Ewe and Fellow Knitters

If you ever have a chance to be a "loopy ewe" this is the perfect place to start! The Loopy Ewe Shoppe in Fort Collins, Colorado.   Warm and inviting is what greets you as you enter through the shop doors.

And the shop set up is super great!  Just give a look at these socks that line the back wall......

Inspiring quotes are situated around the vast show room.
This is  looking down just one aisle--each aisle is coded for specific types of fiber.

How cool are these sock dryers located in the shop break room--each contains many signatures of knitter friends who have dropped in.

And you want inspiration?  Around the shop are several knitted models with yarn types and pattern information.

Add this one to your Raverly collection--free of charge!  Pick out your lovely yarns at Loopy Ewe.  Mail orders are not a problem, but walk-ins are a must.

The 'buzz' around the knitting world now is this marvelous pattern from the talented hands of Veera from Finland.  Color Affection

Want to take a class?  Well, Loopy Ewe has one that would suit your talents.

We didn't come just to shop but to visit with knitter friend Judy's fellow knitters.  Here Angie's little beauty is modeling the latest skirt--almost finished, just a waistband of elastic and it is finished.  Perfect accomplment are those darling pink cowgirl boots!

Angie's son is learning the art of knitting and his first completed piece is this cell phone pouch.  He said he just measured the phone and finished up this pouch--way to go!

Knitter friend Judy had brought this hand cranked pair of socks for Lisa. 

Vicki, one of the shop employees, joined us on the sofas to knit on her piece--Hogwarts Express from Susan Ashcroft.  You can find this pattern on Ravelry.

Angie was knitting on Hitchhiker by Maltina--mindless knitting, she says! 

Patti had her lace knitting to show "panoramic stole" from Knitwear designers Alana Dakos and Hannah Fettig in their book "Coastal Knits".  This would be perfect wear for cool summer evenings.

Patti had her own version of "Color Affection" on the needles.  Knitter friend Judy is knitting the same pattern, but didn't bring her creation--we'll all be anxious to see her finished shawl.

And if you shop six times at Loopy Ewe, you can become Loopy Groupie and as a bonus you receive a wonderful 'goodie' bag filled with lovely wonders.  Knitter friend Judy pulled this skein of yarn from her loopy ewe plastic knitting bag--great fun.  So, you are asking, did we do any shopping while in attendance at Loopy Ewe.  Well, not much...............

Yeah, right!  spending $100 or more and you are placing your purchases in this loopy ewe shopping bag!
Okay, we just couldn't resist--we are joining the bandwagon of Color Affection and picked up these skeins of Madelinetosh handdyed yarns.  From left to right--terra, water lily, and turquoise--these are fingering weight, tosh merino light.
This is a great little fold away shopping pouch with the loopy ewe emblem--might just be a door prize for a future conference if you play your cards right.

Just couldn't resist this Loopy Ewe mug to add to our sheep collection of mugs.

Even better that it's M. A. Hadley made and since we have visited their factory--it is more special.  Okay, off to wind off those skeins, download color affection pattern from Ravelry and knit.   They also 'twisted' my arm (not too hard either) to join Camp Loopy--got to decide the color of my canoe!  You too can join and attend camp--just check out the website.  Oh, yes, we learned how to work with Goodreads app for ipad!  Thanks to the wonderful knitters.  Thanks gals for a super great day and Thanks to knitter friend Judy who brings me along to enjoy all the fun and adventure.

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