Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chapungu: The Great Stone Sculpturors of Africa

Just off I-25, near Loveland, Colorado, in a most unique setting is the Chapungu Sculpture Park.  We visited this lovely area, located between a busy highway and a bustling shopping mall.  Here it is peaceful with walking paths, picnic areas. 

On this occasion, we took a walk around the Great Lawn loop--just a short walk this day while we photographed some of the sculptures located in this area.

The first collection is in a group entitled The Family.  This piece is "Lovers" by Tendayi Mutasa

"The Betrothal" by Joe Mutasa

"The First Kicks" by Taylor Nkomo

"Coming of Age" by Joe Mutasa

"Happy Family" Fanizani Akuda

"Togetherness in Family" Faro Mavunga

"Remembering the Years" Joe Mutasa

"He is Mine" Gedion Nyanhngo

"Grandson Protecting Grandfather" Enos Gunja

"Tired Boy Drummer" Jonathon Mhondorohuma

"Welcome Home Sister" Nicholas Kadzungura

"Leap Frog" Dominic Benhura

"You Never Listen to Me Mama" Cephas Mashaya

"I Can Dance" Alfred Gutsa

"Angola Boy" Makina Kamaya

"The Lullaby" Taylor Nkomo
If you are in the area, take time from your busy schedule to walk through the pathways and view the public park  which features 82 African stone sculptures carved by artists from Zimbabwe.

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