Wednesday, May 4, 2011


May--heading into summer now and the thought processes are panicking!! Yes, it's almost time to pack up and head to the summer home--so, there are lists of 'to do and finish'!  The loom needs to be warped, blocks that need to be sewn up, wall hangings that need those last minute touches and of course, why not begin a new UFO in the process?
This is the April calendar hanging--looks to be an easy peazy thing to make--just lay down the pattern, outline stitch and you're finished.

All those tiny bits of fusible are being put to good use.  No! don't throw away any scrap that can be used somehow, somewhere..........

And then, since it is the first of the month, another one of the 'birdie' stitching patterns come out--got to do that one to keep up!

Who can resist little guys ?!!  another one of the clever ROM (row of the month) patterns from Fat Cat--Sindy is a genius (of course, she knows how to make use of EQ programs!)

Here is the first month of the ROM--aren't they so cute?
And the makings of the second ROM--we just need to add more facial features to the bunnies--give them some personality.

Trying to eliminate some of the stash, we are working on 2012 valentine hanging--here we are auditioning fabrics for the outside border.  The camera sees things different than the human eye--which fabric works the best?

Now, we have the inside block for April, what should the outside borders look like?  Another audition as we write--not too fond of this combination, so back to the stash.

Finished March--this was fun piece to do--"in with the lions, out with the lambs" or is it vice versa??

And the one for February is finished--well, not quite finished finished, the top is finished.  This was a challenge--so many instructions & so much cutting--one never knows where to begin but soon it becomes apparent, just one step at a time and you'll get there.
And here is January!! Okay, it isn't completely finished either, but at least, we have the basic part done....

During evening hours, we can stitch away on that 'birdie' block--something different and aside of knitting--busy hands, you know!

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