Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chugging Along!

We are just chugging along with our projects--slowly but surely.  Finally, have a pair of socks off the needles and ready to wear--when the weather turns bitter cold!!
This pattern was interesting to knit; nothing boring about this design! 
This past week was a day spent with a few of the expatchers in Judy M's new studio.  She has brought her quilting machine down from her house and working away on projects.  In an early post, you saw the beginnings of this quilt for her granddaughter.  Now, the top is quilted and ready for binding, along with little 'bling'.
Look how cute this is!  Just taking a preprinted panel and adding some lopsided blocks, along with applique flowers gives you a fanciful quilt for a dear little girl.
The quilting is perfect for this top!
This is the top that Judy finished quilting from my hands.  It looks smashing!!  These blocks took over a year to complete.  There were four more blocks to be added--but enough is enough!
The quilting pattern is 'wrought iron'.  Great balls of fire--something else has been completed!  Hurrah!!
And this top was left for summer quilting--another accomplishment that took over a year--working with one row or one block each month gives you a finished top.  The backing is an orange shade of fabric--bought 110" wide muslin, dyed it with Rit dyes--one package of orange and one of tangerine.
Judy was sewing away on her top for the RV queen size bed--who would think that this pattern could be complicated?  But, you must watch which way the corners are going when you sew the 4" blocks together.  If not, you'll have flying geese instead of stars.
Lots and lots of blocks ready to be stitched together.
The studio is getting new 'looks' every so often.  What a great sampler quilt hanging this one is.
Remember this whimsical Diva hanging by Karen?  Well, Karen was finishing up the binding this Tuesday. 
Sandy had put the quilting stitches around the border of this super hanging.  Just right for a quilt diva--threads going every which way!!

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