Monday, May 9, 2011

May's WOW!! Group

This weavers group has progressed by leaps and bounds during the past year!  To think that most of these gals are 'beginners' who have tackled many of the difficulties of choosing appropriate yarns, calculating, setts, winding warp, threading heddles, understanding drafts, tromping treadles and producing some outstanding fabrics.....................even those who are experienced or advanced weavers never learn it ALL........that's is the best thing about weaving world--you never learn everything there is to know.  There is always something about different yarns, different color combinations and setts as well as weave structures.
The gals are still weaving away on their summer/winter structures.  Here is another sett that gives a totally different view of this unique weave.

A photo of draft of above weave.
Totally different--summer/winter is so versatile.
Have a problem with tension?  Just use what is handy to weight those pesky warp threads.
Once again, another look at summer/winter.
One color or many, the weave works.
How about this color combination?  Perfect!  Maybe next on the loom?
Sample, Sample, Sample...........................
Our state conference is just around the corner, so Anita wove this towel in conference colors--it's a twill weave--smashing!
A show piece, to say the least, by the hands of Julie, using natural colored cottons--a great addition to any kitchen.
We are assembling our gift basket for the state conference raffle.  Who wouldn't want to win this lovely ribbon dessert plate with handwoven ribbons woven by Julie and Marian.  The gals had such fun with their inkle looms, they are talking about a study group this summer.
A great addition to the kitchen basket is this knitted and fulled pot holder and glove, given by D'Anne.
And here is our completed raffle basket--what a great assortment of wovens, kitchen accessories and food items.  Buy a ticket and place in our jar!
We had some other wovens that were not included in the basket.  Here Marian is discussing her latest scarf hot off the loom. 
And Anita didn't want to show this towel, off the same warp with conference theme colors.  "Why not?" we asked.  She said it wasn't her greatest work!--well, not the greatest in her eyes maybe, but smashing anyway--weave and learn.

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