Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh, Those Expat Gals!!

What a great group of gals these expats are!! We can sing their praises to high heaven all the time--always there when you need a listening ear, a friendly nudge, a shoulder to cry on, a sounding board for all your compliments or complaints! They'll tell you when you are wrong or when you are right............................okay enough of that 'sappy' stuff and on to the gathering this week.
Judy M had finished the quilting on this year long project--Raggedy Ann & Andy redwork sampler quilt.  It is always an accomplishment to finish a long drawout project and finally fun to see the blocks become a quilt.  This is only complete with the quilting in my book.
Since there was the recurring theme of hearts, Judy used a heart pano to give this quilt some pizazz. Now, for the binding, a little hand stitching and we'll have a quilt for the ages.
Judy had also finished the quilting on Debby's top for Michael, who was one of the foreign exchange students that Debby hosted years ago.  This lovely comforter is a gift for his summer wedding--what a gift!!

We all fell in love with the backing!  Black satinee--what a whole cloth experience!  We said you could use this back as the top
Karen was working on her new grandson's top--what a bright baby quilt!  She was sewing on the border strips, which is the green fabric used in the sashing.
Karen was 'fussy' cutting her blocks from this fabric.  And being the perfectionist that she is, she used paper piecing to get the main block outlined with the sashing.
Judy continued to add her 4" blocks to her top.  So many little pieces cut to make such an outstanding look.
We welcomed Brenda back after her surgery.  She had been cooped up for six long weeks so we were all happy to give her a big hug and see what she has in mind for her next project.  And it's this 10 minute tiles pattern.  Using variegated fabric, shaded in black to gray to white and reds, she was cutting the necessary widths of fabric.  Please Brenda--let us know if the tiles only take 10 minutes to complete!
Annette,  celebrating  31 years of marriage on this day(!), was working on her "Bee Happy" top.  She and hubby have planned a long weekend away to celebrate with each other.  Congrats Annette and Phil!
What a great block!  So many things happening in just one area to give you an overall motion effect.
Here Annette is 'auditioning' fabrics for the outside border.  Brenda is giving the look- review test.  Annette is planning to make half square blocks to frame the center section.
Linda was putting the finishing touches on her grandson's flight panel for his birthday gift.  He aspires to be a fighter jet pilot when he grows up!  Isn't it great that he so loves this panel and wants it as his grandma gift--yes, we are teaching them right from the start!!

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