Sunday, November 28, 2010

End of the Year

Welcome to the end of November--can you believe it? It seems the older you get, the faster the time ticks away. Anyway, here is a countdown to what's been happening the last few days.
There was a fundraiser for MDA at our local town center--lots of good eats from great chefs, all for the price of $20 ticket. On top of the good food, the weather was wonderful. Then there was the trip south to visit mother and take care of some of her needs. Of course, it is always good to stop in the local orchard to pick up delicious fruit, right off the tree.
Kumquats--let's make marmalade with this tiny tasty citrus.
And a new restaurant is in the area, straight from south of the border, serving their speciality of carbito (young goat) cooked over open pit.
Back in the big city, there was the Via Colori (funds going to Hearing and Speech Foundation) event with drawings on the street.
An evening for Christmas tree lighting. Another day a stop at the Art Institute to view their latest fashion designers projects.
Of course, there was turkey day and black Friday--just had to get in the midst of all the shopping craze and holiday spirit.
A beautiful weekend day brought time to visit the local nursery for the Christmas tree--here hubby supervises cutting the bottom limbs.
And the helpful worker who ties to the top of the car for the short drive home.
Yes, it has been a busy few days but there has been some happenings in the studio as time permits. Who doesn't love that fusible web, allowing for fast lovely blocks?? And we are working to bring these summer made blocks to order--such a mess now, but hopefully it will all come together soon.

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