Saturday, December 4, 2010

What the Heck??

Somewhere along the line, a virus entered my PC system--gee, what the heck happen? How did it happen? We have a virus protector--so we thought. So, the PC is in the hospital (!) trying to be repaired. It might be a few days before it is back in operating order--how much of our life hinges on the Internet and a computer?

It has been an interesting week--we celebrated our granddaughter's 20th birthday--gee, they grow up so fast; although, she thinks it has been a slow journey to this age. Just wait till you are approaching 30 and then see how fast life passes you by.
Anyway, during the early morning hours of the next day, hubby experienced rapid and irregular heartbeat. Now, his is always a constant at 65 beats, so when it was beating at 125 and it was jumping around like a scared rabbit, we knew something wasn't right. Off we go to ER for tests. By the time he was there an hour, all these symptoms disappeared and he was released after three hours. Back at home in his nice warm bed, he fell immediately to sleep--no sleep for the worried though. Now, he has appointment with cardiologist--meaning more tests.

See y'all soon as PC is happy again!!

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