Sunday, November 21, 2010

Homage to Anita

There are times when we must say good-bye to a friend. Our friend, Anita, was only in our midst for a short period of time before illness and death took her away from us. She was a true lover of the fiber arts, a super spinner and knitter. She came to our small group meetings and enjoyed being a member of the regional guild. Just recently her husband asked two of our members to come to the house and pick up her fiber supplies. Anita requested that a educational fund to arranged in her honor. On one of our regular spinner gathering days, we had Anita's fiber stash to sort through.
Anita had a large supply of wool and other fiber tools. Here Connie and Olga sort the wool they wish to purchase.
Penny choose some different fibers to spin and weave.
Louise came in her wonderfully colorful turned twill jacket. She used eyelash yarns in the weft every few throws.
Wools from different sheep breeds.
We found this spindle plier very interesting--hadn't seen one of these and had no idea how to price it.
Penny, Olga and Louise view some of the fibers available and discuss their intended usage. Olga is our remarkable felter and will use these wool batts (below) in her felted scarves.

More fibers available--cotton, hemp, flax, exotic animal fibers (camel, quivet, buffalo, angora)
We all envied this spindle holder and had no idea how to price this oak stand.
There were bins arranged according to fiber contents.
And Anita loved her fiber books and magazines--knitting and spinning. We all miss Anita and her delightful energy. As we read her books and spin her fibers, we remember. Her fiber stash monies will continue to nurture those who want to continue their fiber education.

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  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend...I'm glad her memory will live on in the projects you all create.