Monday, November 15, 2010


What a great group of friends these are!! We survived many interesting events during our tenure while living in foreign countries. Once a year we gather to celebrate our friendship. This meeting takes place during the International Quilt Festival. Some of us might see each other during the year as we live in the same general area but there are those who still live in far flung places. We enjoy a potluck dinner one evening where we show off our latest creations.
Here is Linda proudly displaying her Christmas creation--quilted by one of our master long arm quilters. We are fortunate to have not just one but TWO gals in our group.
This is Linda's wall hanging using batik strips.
Karen also did one with the same pattern. Both of these have the 'WOW' factor!
Close-up of Karen's work.
Judy shows off one of several Binky Patrol quilts that were completed during the year.
Another of the Binkies--we Rock!!
This was Judy's fall table runner she made--one for her, one of each of her daughters.
Ruth Ann is into handwork--crazy quilting!
Lovely work!
Display of Lucy's quilt, quilted by Judy.
Close-up of quilting--we all love this quilt!
Debby has made the move from that distant state of Louisiana (!) back to our welcoming arms and she has been whipping out these dandy quilts.
Another one of Debby's masterpieces and the close-up of the quilting below.
And here is our other long arm quilter, who is not an expat (but we welcome her with open arms) showing off her Halloween hanging. Usually, Sandy is quilting for us and doesn't have time to quilt her pieces--thanks Sandy!!
Look at this wonderful design! Sandy's husband is design creator for some of her work--super stuff!
Sandy! Sandy! Sandy! another one of her pieces!
Quilting--yes, great work!
Here is Chris' One Block Wonder. Chris is still a far flung expat--living in Australia--but we still hear from her and see her work.
All cut from the same fabric design! Can you believe??
yes, we have a great group of expats! and every year we look forward to seeing each other and receiving big hugs. And sharing that common bond.

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