Thursday, October 7, 2010


Which is more time consuming--packing or unpacking? When packing, days can be taken to add this thing to the pile that needs to go on the trip but unpacking, well, that's another story! Those boxes and luggage pieces could sit for days before absolutely getting to them. Okay, we've been back in our 'winter' home for several days now and those boxes finally got somewhat unpacked yesterday. It's like packing--little bit at a time. Here is what was found unpacking--projects that were in progress or just another one of those UFOs. Two more of Jinny's flowers--still have several more to complete before this can come together.
Another barn but only one more to finish before this can be assembled.
And Little Raggedy Annie is slowly but surely being stitched. These blocks will go into 2011. We are still unpacking so maybe we'll find another couple of UFO's in the bottom of the box. Oh, yes, we are decorating for the fall and there is a quilt missing. It can be seen in the mind's eye but darn it, it's hiding good!

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