Monday, October 11, 2010


Well, we are trying to settle down but for some reason it isn't easy! It takes some time to get back into groove for this location--why is that? The bags are unpacked, sort of........but that doesn't mean everything is back in its special place. So, what do YOU do with everything that is unpacked? In this house, it seems unpacking just means taking it OUT of the bags and placing it around the room. And any location will do nicely; like this chair in the studio. Who wants to sit in it anyway?
Or, how about the sewing room table? That does great for storing things unpacked.
Oh, yes the sewing machine table works well too. Might we get some sewing done as we move things from one location to another? Not likely!
Just more STUFF! Why do we collect stuff? Have you ever heard George Carlin's little rambling about stuff? It's so true. We buy stuff to put stuff into and then buy more stuff to place around the room.
Just another view of 'stuff'--mostly UFO's in waiting. Wonder how long they have to age before they can be finished?
More UFO's in the 'aging process; from one bag to another place.
And this one almost finished piece just....................................hanging around. Oh, yes, orders went out over the weekend for more STUFF!

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  1. You have a wonderful work space. The UFOs just add to the decor. I think I am finally over jet lag a week later! Maybe I can get something done.