Sunday, October 31, 2010


Here are photos from Contemporary Handweavers of Houston Material Matrix exhibit. Some of the pieces were difficult to photography so they could not be presented here. Enjoy more of these fine masterpieces!

Blaine Davis' version of "Riff on a Fake Kandinsky"
"Ocean Garden" by Elisa Lewis
Therese Coucher "Untitled II"
Close-up view of "Turned Monksbelt Scarf" by Connie Elliott. Sorry that the full view was blurry.
"White and Gold Iris" by Joanne Purkis. The pieces encased were difficult to photography.
"Present Sorrow" by Lynn Williams
"Celery Delight Kitchen Towel" by Barbara Nelson
Close-up view
Some lovely baskets "Elm Bark" by Connie Huelbig
"Postivo Negativo #2" by Giovanna Imperia

"Fantasy Flowers" by Charlotte Jean Hatch
"Little Summer Scarf"
by Barbara Nelson

"Ethereal Earth" by Diane Ferguson
Antje Goldflam "Friends"
"Lady of the Lake Scarf" by Lynn Smetko

Antje Goldflam presents "Cherry Trees in Spring"

"Long Distance Link" woven by Tracy Kaestner

"Ripe Plums Are Falling" Janet Bodin
Linda Sura's basket "Bamboo Grove"
"The Solace of Ambiguity" by Laura Viada. The spotlight blurs the pattern

"Navel Entry" Colette Durbin

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