Monday, October 18, 2010

Bits N Pieces

It's Monday--a day to gather up some loose ends and consolidate after several days of 'stuff' just lying around the house. Just can't seem to get the old 'act' together though; just feel kind of like those loose ends. Off we go..............we did begin work on September's row from Fat Cat and October's row is in the mix--somewhere on this table.
And, we are behind the schedule of these little critters--still have three more to stitch before it can be combined into a hanging. Now, where are those print outs?
Finally! this piece was completed; well, we can finally stitched but not completed. It came from one of the First Friday projects from 2009!
More 'stuff' arrived via post. Of course, it's good 'stuff'. Nice sock yarn from Little Knits. It was on sale; just a grab bag so choice was up to shippers, but this is nice sock yarn, Rio de la Plata.
And other 'stuff' arrived! A selection of batiks (on sale, of course) from Hancock Fabrics. Always good to have on hand but there is a small thought looming in the back of the mind where these fabrics will be applied.
From Knit Picks, a bundle of sock yarns to make this pair of socks from the book, "Thinking Outside of the Box". Now, for something completely different.....the next section of the year long project from Ravelry on the Lace Sampler. We are down to the wire with this one and keeping up to date, believe it or not. Okay, it's time to go 'gather' and apply energy to finishing at least one UFO today!

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