Monday, October 12, 2009

W. I. P

If you aren't a fiber person, you are wondering what does W.I.P mean? It stands for Works In Progress. There isn't room here to post photos of all those projects that are in progress! But, this month two new mystery knitting pieces were begun--yes, mysteries are enjoyable. Another mystery sock pattern from Ravelry group Through The Loops by designer Kirsten Kapur. The freebie pattern can also be found at her blog Through the Loops along with other good stuff she creates. So far, this week there is a photo of cuff.
Of course, you are saying to yourself, that pair of socks will not match--natch! The handspun yarn was from an marvelous blend of colors on merino/seacell roving. Spinning was a dream and so much fun! No rhyme or reason to color placement. Soon, there will be progress to show on the body of the sock as clue #2 was posted last Wednesday but was not downloaded till Thursday or Friday.
Next W. I. P. is mystery bag designed by She-knits, Sharon Dreifuss. Sorry, but this mystery KAL is closed. It was not a freebie but the cost for the pattern was $6 and will be available to everyone after the mystery bag is completed. Here is the first clue production: Sure, it doesn't look like much now but you just wait!

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  1. Do you even get a hint as to what you are making? bag, scarf, collection of fiber snakes?