Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spinning Day

Okay, so National Spinning and Weaving Week has come and gone. Doesn't really matter to spinners or weavers. We can celebrate our craft any day of the week! Tuesday was such a day when our group of spinners gathered to spin our tales and our fibers. We had a variety of wheels in operation.
There was also a presentation of fibers and yarns created in the past few months. The basket contains dyed fibers, some with kool-aide, some with natural dyes. The other plastic bags contain BFL (Blue Faced Leicester breed) dyed with natural dyes (purchased in Michigan). The red and blue skeins are 60% wool/40% linen. The other skeins are WINNERS! Yes, the spinner won first place on these skeins at a local spinning fair and exhibit.

As usual, any day spinning is a good day!

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  1. The only thing I ever get when I spin is dizzy! :-) Glad you all had a grand time!