Thursday, October 15, 2009

Autumn Leaves

Just imagine soft music playing in the background "The falling leaves drift by my window. The falling leaves all red and gold". Well, a sock pattern by the same name appeared in Ravelry database and yes, everyone needs autumn leaves socks to wear in the fall. Then magically, as if destiny ruled, there appeared in the fiber closet this lovely fall merino/seacell roving. Alas, the two clash and now the spinning wheel has a purpose!
Here is the latest progress on the October mystery socksThere was a small concern that the pattern would not show with this colorful handspun, but it's looking good!


  1. Still not sure why you need so many socks since the weather there is rarely below 60! ;-) The mystery socks are looking really nice. Is this the pattern that you tried previously and pulled out three times because you didn't like the way the patterns was working with the yarn you'd chosen?

  2. This is a different pattern & yarn. I finished the other pair of socks that was giving me fits.
    Well, you just never know when the weather will take a big dip in temp!